Learn The Lake

One of the things that makes Headwaters Lake such a great fishery is the fact that it is many lakes in one. Depending on where you are in the lake you could be fishing sawgrass patches and if you feel like changing things up then head on over to another area and fish floating islands. On this page you will find a series of videos that cover the different areas of the lake . In each of them we break down the depths, vegetation, and other factors to help you better plan your trip.

Learn The Lake Episode 1 The Ramp

In this episode we go over the Headwaters Lake in Fellsmere Fl boat ramp and parking area. We talk about the ramp, how it is set up and some things to watch out for to keep from ruining your fishing trip before it even begins. The parking lot holds 43 truck and trailer parking spots with overflow parking to the west side of the parking lot. There is a bathroom in the parking lot but it does not have electricity or a sink.

You can enter the parking lot one hour before sun rise and all boats should be out of the water and the lot by one hour after sunset.

headwaters lake boat ramp