Fellsmere Reservoir Headwaters Map

The video above iss a breif overview of the Fellsmere Reservoir also known as Headwaters lake in Fellsmere Fl.

This is an incredible fishery that was stocked with 1 million bass. There are plenty of 5-10 pounders in the lake and huge numbers of the 1-5 lb. fish.

IF you are looking for a headwaters Lake contour map you can access one here direct from the FWC website.


There are no depth numbers on the map however it does give you a pretty clear idea of where the deep holes and the flats are. The deep areas are in blue and shallows in white.


Headwaters Lake Map 1
headwaters lake map

In this video I cover the contour map however I referred to the blue areas as humps instead of holes so just know it is reversed as you will see in the video to the right.

In this video you will get the clarification regrading the deep and shallow areas. Deep holes in blue, shallow areas in white. Check out our YT channel for more lake videos
from the ramp to Egan Lake