Headwaters Lake Boat Ramp Directions

Headwaters Lake boat ramp directions are easy to follow. The Headwaters Lake is located on Babcock St. at the very south end of Brevard county.

The Boat launch ramp is accessed by taking a west turn onto the Fellsmere grade road which is on the south side of the C54 canal.

Once you are headed west on the Fellsmere grade road it is about 4 miles to the boat ramp parking lot with the entrance on the south side of the road.

You can gain entrance to the ramp one hour before sunrise and you must leave the ramp no later than one hour after sunset.

c 54 canal and ramp to the headwaters lake

The road is not paved so you will get your vehicle and boat a bit dusty. Some sections can be very bumpy and will  force you to keep your speed down. This is only due to the road needing to be graded, not because of any pot holes or other obstacles. The ramp and parking lot however are paved.

Fellsmere grade road

The boat ramp at Headwaters lake is very nice. There are 2 ramps with parking for 35 vehicles with trailers in the main paved parking area and a separate overflow parking area that will hold a good amount of vehicles and trailers as well. There is a bathroom on site however there is no lights or sinks in the restrooms.

Headwaters lake Boat Ramp

A few friendly faces you will commonly see near the Headwaters lake ramp entrance. As you are running around the lake you will also come across a wide range of birds including  ducks, coots, the purple gallinule, and the noisy Marsh Hen along with many others.

Deer at the headwaters lake ramp

The ramp opens 1 hour before sunrise and closes 1 hour after sun set. If you are heading to the ramp and get there before the 1 hour before sun rise time then you must park at the designated sign on the Fellsmere grade road and wait until the one hour before sunrise time to enter the ramp and launch your boat.

fellsmere grade road before sunrise parking